LIVING SMART WITH SMART LIFE – Take a hold of your financial Life

It’s no longer news that our economy is receding at a rate faster than the pulse of a raging dictator. Cash flows have suffered setbacks and are weak in meeting needs; my take home pay looks like it would never take me home. Despite the growing economic challenges, I have managed to spend the past two years living well on my salary, albeit prudently, in the hope for a pay rise!

Like HR was reading my thoughts and being exceptionally favourable towards my imagination, they rode on the magnanimity of the Board of Directors and the unrelenting efforts of the Executive to better my lot and others, I actually got a 20% pay rise when my neigbhour just lost his job; sadly, his wife too.  This must be the year of the light and shinning like the clergy spoke about on the eve of the New Year- yes I went to the worship house that day like the obsessed religious!

Before my needs begin to rise up with my pay rise, a true test is now placed on how smart I ought to be. Would it be a “wonder bank”? Will it be the popular Ponzi scheme? Would it be the not so glorious bank savings products? Or just any interest maximized money market instrument? The genie of smart thinking aided my mind and brought to fruition my good thoughts. I know for a fact that the wonder banks are not all the way wonderful, the popular Ponzi schemes have driven many into obscurity. With the banks’ saving products; am I really saving? With the money market instruments, why limit myself when I can get more than a good interest rate. What do I do? I remember how my decision to work with Wapic was highly lauded and here we go again, it’s Wapic to my rescue again with a bouquet of smart products that offer more than just savings and obviously more than just insurance.

Let me break this down for you, I have a range of smart life insurance products to choose from, with best of yields, opportunity for a free life cover and unlike the other traditional life insurance products, the advantage of a year tenure. I can automate my contributions; you say that’s good, I think it is smart. Wapic is the smart people’s insurance company. If you earn a living, this is your best opportunity for a smart life. I found a safe tool for my travel plan, the shopping festival and annual rentals. I am not doing this alone, the entire hood must “smart up” and join in. This is the new good news; the much anticipated tale of liberation, a taste of two worlds. My finances just took a boost!

Smart is now a matter of choice, you can be smart.

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